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Online Bill Pay is a PCI-compliant software tool that enables your patients to make online responsibility payments wherever they are, on any smart device, at any time. Truly simple and convenient for your patients, the solution is also highly secure, with the highest level of compliance for e-commerce transactions. How it works:

  • Your patients don’t have to create an account or remember any logon information.
  • You provide a “Pay Now” button on your website embedded with an e-commerce link to a user-friendly page where your patients are presented with flexible payment options.
  • Your patients securely make their responsibility payment via a credit, debit or HSA/FSA card, or they can choose to authorize a withdrawal from their bank account.
  • You track and manage your patient payments via transaction reports.

Our Online Bill Pay solution helps you increase collections and revenue and reduce calls from patients making payments over the phone.

Online Bill Pay
“PaySpan has been a great asset to our company. Online Bill Pay gives the employees more time to work on other things. At the same time, it gives patients piece of mind that they do not have to provide personal information over the phone. The ability to make their own payments online and receive a receipt has worked out great.”
– Consolidated Medical
Online Bill Pay

Customize Payment Tools

Your patients enjoy a seamless payment experience via a payment landing page that is branded to your practice. Additionally, the tool allows your administrators to:

  • Customize the fields in the statement information section
  • Add or delete fields
  • Make any field(s) a requirement

Our customizable options ensure that you can accurately identify patients in your statements and capture the specific information you need to reconcile payments with the correct invoices.

Manage Payments with Transaction Reports

As a software application, Online Bill Pay offers an advantage over standard point-of-sale credit card blocks, which can only process payments but cannot store data. The tool enables you to:

  • Generate reports about payments
  • Align patients with the date, amount paid, status and payment method
  • Set a date range for the report
  • Export the reports to Excel
  • Seamlessly reconcile payments to patient accounts
  • Generate receipts for customers

Transaction reports enable your office staff to keep accurate, up-to-date payment records, which improves efficiencies and reduces paperwork.

Transaction Report
Online Bill Pay

“Payspan’s Online Bill Pay is great for our patients because it’s quick, convenient, secure, and available 24/7! It’s great for our practice because we get more patient payments, in a faster timeframe, with less phone calls.”

Crystal Robertson, Office & Billing Manager
Georgia Skin Specialists, PC

How Can Online Bill Pay Benefit Your Practice?

  • Increase your payment volume
  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce phone payments
  • Manage and track payments more efficiently
  • Customize your portal
  • Offer convenient payment options
  • Deliver positive payment experiences

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