Help Patients Pay Healthcare Bills Sooner

Today’s consumers are used to receiving easy, convenient payment options when they make purchases, so why should healthcare services be any different?

Payspan’s Patient Financial Engagement™ (PFE™) solution is designed to help medical providers simplify patient payments and manage financial processes.
Patient Financial Engagement™ for small to medium-sized businesses (PFE™ for SMB) is a patient payment solution for medical practices which enables patients to make online and in-office payments.
Patient Financial Engagement™ for Enterprise (PFE™ for Enterprise) is for large health systems, multi-office, provider practices, and hospitals.


The Patient Financial Engagement™ solution provides automated and self-service patient payment functionalities that are specifically tailored for medical practices and organizations. PFE™ provides multiple payment options that accelerates the payment process. PFE™ makes it simple for healthcare service providers to increase cash flow and improve patient satisfaction.

Patient Financial Engagement™ for Small to Medium businesses is a patient payment solution for medical practices which enables patients to make online and in-office payments with multiple payment options: credit card, debit card, FSA/HSA cards, ACH payments from their bank, or splitting payments between two sources.

Patient Financial Engagement™ for Enterprise is a multi-lingual patient payment platform designed for large health systems, multi-office, provider practices or hospitals. PFE™ for Enterprise enables larger healthcare service delivery organizations to achieve efficiencies in automated online invoice presentment, payment processing and platform integration, and reconciliation.

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Now you can give your patients what they really want – digital payment options, flexibility and transparency. Payspan has found that patients who have positive billing experiences are more likely to pay their bill in full. Our solutions enable your practice to accommodate a variety of individual needs. Your patients can:

  • Pay online without having to set up an account or password
  • Securely store their credit card information to facilitate quick check-outs at the point-of-sale
  • Schedule automatically recurring payments or future settlement charges to their credit card so they don’t have to deal with invoices and paper checks
  • Set up payment plans on a schedule that works for them financially
  • Pay by paper checks with Lockbox integration
  • Access electronic invoices and EOBs via a portal branded to your practice

With Payspan’s help, you can easily and affordably help your patients cope with their growing healthcare cost burden while at the same time increasing your collections and driving revenue for your practice.

Enable Patients to Pay Online

Enable Patients to Pay Online

Did you know that your patients expect and prefer online payment options, and they are more likely to pay in full if offered the capacity? Online Bill Pay is a simple solution that enables your patients to quickly pay online 24/7 when it’s convenient for them without having to create an account or worry about passwords.

You offer a link that takes them to a page branded to your practice, where they can securely pay via credit card or authorized bank withdrawal. Online Bill Pay enables your support staff to track and manage payments, and generate reports, which improves efficiencies and reduces paperwork.


Offer Flexible Options at Point-of-Sale

Our QuickPay solution gives your patients a range of choices for payment when they visit the doctor, enhancing their capacity to pay at the point-of-sale. Your patients have the option to set up payment plans that don’t stress their budgets, helping to keep your practice out of the collections business.

QuickPay enables your support staff to store credit card information to use for future doctor visits or for monthly payment plans. Another unique tool enables your practice to receive authorization to charge the credit card on file for outstanding balances after the claim is settled with the health plan.

E-invoicing for PFE

The provider can manually or programmatically create invoices and send them to Patients

Patients have the ability to pay in two ways:

  • Pay as Guest: Allows them to pay by simply entering a card or bank information and complete the transaction. (Similar to Online Bill Pay)
  • Patient Account:  Patient can create an account where they can view and pay invoices, store payment methods and create payment plans if practice enabled.

Practices can keep track of invoices and payments on a single platform.