Payspan adds new e-invoicing feature to Patient Financial Engagement

Jacksonville, FL – July 29, 2022 - Payspan, a leading provider of automated payment and reimbursement solutions for health plans and providers, introduced today a new e-invoicing feature to their provider online bill pay solution, Patient Financial Engagement™.

Surveys show that an average independent physician carries nearly $12,480 in bad debt. Bad debt comes from billing inaccuracies, processing delays, and dated systems that can no longer keep up with the traffic at the office.  In addition, today's patients expect (and deserve) solutions that are easy to use and convenient.  By utilizing electronic invoicing, you can improve your payment processing and collection cycles, and engage your patients in a better way. 

E-invoicing can cut your bill processing time in half, deliver invoices to patients faster, and help you get paid faster than even before. With little to no manual input or intervention involved and a streamlined system in placeyou can expect to collect up to 70% of the patient's balance following a visit. 

Payspan PFE e-invoicing integration allows you to:

  • Ensure error-free, accurate billing 
  • Reduce risk of lost/missing invoices and billing scams 
  • Securely deliver and receive encrypted payment information through a reliable network
  • Eliminate bad debt piling up from delayed processing 
  • Secure faster payments at every visit 
  • Efficiently reduce manual input and intervention - thus reducing human error in invoicing 
  • Keep your patients happy and satisfied with the best that technology can offer

If you are interested in adding e-invoicing to your current solution, or exploring Payspan Patient Financial Engagement, please contact

About Payspan

Payspan is the nation’s leading provider of healthcare electronic payment and reimbursement automation services, leveraging the largest healthcare payment network to drive value-based care reimbursement, improve the patient experience and reduce costs for health plans and providers. Payspan connects more than 600 health plans, 1.3 million provider payees and 100+ million consumers to facilitate alternative payment and reimbursement solutions and the exchange of meaningful healthcare information.