Engage Your Members with Multiple Payment Options

Research shows that 85% of healthcare consumers want a patient-centered financial experience that includes:

  • Easy and flexible online payment options
  • Ability to pay by phone
  • Multilingual options
  • Management of premium payments for split households
  • Help understanding their payment responsibility
  • Easy access to documentation about their payments and transactions

Payspan’s Premium Payment Solution enables you to meet those consumers demands and provide a satisfying member experience that leads to brand loyalty.

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Enable Members to Make Payments and Access Payment Information in One Place

Payspan offers a mobile-optimized, single sign-on solution that integrates with your portal and is branded to your organization. As a result, your members only have to log on once to access their payment information. Premium Payments offers your members a choice of multiple ways to pay online and stores a member’s payment information in their profile, which can be easily accessed when they log on to make a payment.

Flexible Payment Options

Your members can pay their premiums or binder payments via:

  • Credit cards
  • e-Checks
  • AutoPay
  • One-time, recurring or partial payment
  • Integration of Lockbox transactions (limited to settled transactions)

Offer Multiple Payment Options to Support Your Diverse Population

Making it easy for your members to pay their premiums goes beyond offering online payment options. Not everyone in your population has Internet access or feels comfortable with online technologies. Not everyone speaks English, and many members have split households that require more payment options. We developed these services for key populations with special needs.


IVR (Integrated Voice Response)

For members without Internet access, phone payment options simplify payments, while driving down your call center volume.


Multilingual Options

One in five of your members speak another language at home. Our member payment portal and IVR system supports 26 languages, including Mandarin Chinese.


Complex Households

More than a third of your members live in split households. We enables members to easily update dependents and automatically adjust their premiums accordingly.

Provide Access to Financial Records and Transactions

Your members will be able to access relevant payment information to help them keep track of their payments and help them understand their portion of the costs. Payspan provides each member with a record of their:

  • Invoices, transactions, and member responsibility payments
  • Member incentives paid to them for taking health actions
  • Electronic EOBs

Making sure your members have the information they need to understand their share of the costs can help to empower them to take responsibility for their payments and make better healthcare decisions.

Payspan Premium Payments

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Simplify Member Payment Process

Our Premium Payments Solution enables you to simplify the payment process for your members by providing their financial information in one place to help them understand their portion of the healthcare costs and flexible payment options that make it easier for them to pay you consistently and on time.

As a result, you can:

  • Deliver more positive and financially transparent experiences for your individual and group members
  • Achieve member satisfaction, and thus reinforce member loyalty to your brand
  • Increase your member premium payment collection rates
  • Streamline your payment reconciliation
  • Expand your service offerings without a vendor change
  • Reduce your administrative overhead 

Premium Payments gives you the opportunity to increase your ratings with CMS and HEDIS, enabling you to establish your reputation in the market as a top choice by consumers seeking health plan coverage.

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