Payspan catalyzes the Movement of Healthcare Payments

Payspan’s Core Payment Network is a technology platform that enables the secure processing of electronic payments (EFT/ACH) and remittance information (ERA) for medical health plans and providers, as well as dental insurers.
We have the largest payment automation platform that connects more than 600 health plans with 1.3 million provider payees and more than 100 million members. The product enables you to:

  • Reimburse your provider network electronically
  • Deliver provider remittances electronically on a secure web portal
  • Effectively drive value-based care results
  • Reduce administrative costs by eliminating manual payment processes
  • Comply with ever-changing regulations around provider and member payments

This turnkey solution features a multi-payer, fully electronic provider enrollment process, a provider self-service portal, and provider outreach services to drive maximum value and adoption while reducing administrative costs.


Improve Your Transactions

  • Transition your providers to 100% electronic payments with an easy enrollment process
  • Offer flexible payment options
  • Credit cards, FSA/HSA
  • VirtualCard
  • Print/check

Increase Satisfaction

  • Pay your providers faster, thus increasing provider satisfaction
  • Improve member satisfaction by providing online premium payment options
  • Virtually eliminate mistakes driven by manual processes

Drive Operational Improvements

  • Reduce headaches and labor costs associated with handling provider calls from delayed or lost payments
  • Eliminate paper remittances and paper check payments
  • Electronically deliver 835 and remits to providers in PDF form for easy downloads

Offer Unsurpassed Security

  • Ensure the highest levels of security
  • Comply with HIPAA and finance regulations
  • CORE CAQH Phase III-certified
  • EHNAC-certified
  • PCI DSS v3.2-compliant
  • SOC 1/2-compliant

Achieve 100% Paperless Payments with Your Providers, Guaranteed

Many health plans tell Payspan they are trying to transition to paperless, yet they are moving at a snail’s pace, still processing more than 50% of their payments via paper.

Does that sound familiar?

Payspan’s methodology is helping many large and regional health plans to achieve paperless adoption rates from 90-99%. We can get you to 100% paperless if you follow our best practices.


Drive Higher Rates of Electronic Adoption

As part of Payspan’s process to shift providers to electronic fulfillment, we offer a series of Go Green campaigns that use a combination of email, web and voice to promote EFT and Virtual Card enrollment. At the same time, Payspan can take on existing manual processes during the transition at a much lower cost than a traditional print vendor.

Our campaigns include:

  • Three-step email campaigns to providers that offer a simple and easy registration process
  • Intensive, ongoing EFT enrollment emails that promote the benefits of being paid via EFT/ERA and virtual cards
  • Outbound calling campaigns for the highest volume providers
  • Go Green incentives for providers
  • Automatic enrollment in Payspan’s EFT/ERA/virtual card system at the conclusion of campaigns

Payspan Offering E-Payment Network to Dental Insurers

Payspan recognizes that dental insurers have the same challenges as medical insurers. In fact, your electronic payment and remittance penetration rates are far lower at 12% for e-payments and 17% for remittances, compared to 63% for medical payments and 48% for medical remittances.1

Why not take advantage of Payspan’s electronic payment network – the largest e-payment network – to drive your dental providers to electronic payments and remittances?

  • Save 80-90% per payment
  • Pay your dental providers faster and more securely
  • Rely on best-in-class enrollment practices
  • Increase dental provider satisfaction

Our network complements your existing processes, improves efficiencies and boosts your bottom line.

1 2018 CAQH Index Report

Consolidate Your Transaction Streams

Payspan’s Payer Payments Platform enables you and your providers to consolidate and manage your inbound and outbound transaction streams at a single connection point. Our platform offers the following:

  • Supports all X12 HIPAA-compliant EDI transaction types
  • Enables CAQH Core Phase II- and CAQH Core Phase III ERA/EFT-compliant ACH/EFT and virtual card payments with email notifications
  • Processes print payments
  • Offers self-service enrollment, payment search and reporting for providers
  • Provides UI for payer support, operations and treasury
  • Processes ERA in the form of a remittance advice via online presentment and downloadable 835
  • Can search and retrieve historical payments and associated claim details for up to 8 months

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