Solve Your Most Significant Challenges

Payspan’s electronic solutions were designed to address some of the most pressing challenges facing health plans today – lack of member-provider engagement, slow adoption of quality measures by providers and high operational costs from paper checks and remittances.

Our solutions are built on the largest healthcare automated payment and reimbursement network, which connects more than 600 health plans, 1.3 million provider payees and 100+ million consumers. Our solutions:

By joining Payspan’s healthcare electronic network, you will have access to solutions that will help you become or remain a top performing health plan, earn CMS bonuses and drive revenue and growth for your health plan.

Payspan Provider Payee Map

New White Paper: New Realities of Payment Relationships

4 Considerations for Health Plans

Each year, payment errors account for $300 billion in unnecessary spending in healthcare. Which is $300 billion reasons why healthcare relationships are being damaged.


In our New Realities of Payment Relationships white paper, you will discover the 4 considerations for Health Plans and you will also:

  • Understand the impact costs, engagement, and success have on financial relationships
  • Learn the key challenges that health plans and payers face in the current healthcare landscape
  • Learn what to look for in a payment partner
  • See the financial ROI of traditional vs. electronic payment, communications, and remittance 

The Right Payment Relationship
Is Key to Success

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”Hype Cycle for
U.S. Healthcare
Payers, 2021,”
Gartner, July 13, 2021

Solutions Designed for Payers

Core Payspan Network

Payspan knows that you need a reliable epayments vendor that can work easily with your team behind the scenes to transition you to paperless checks and remittances while freeing you to focus on more important projects. Our Core Payspan Network removes inefficiencies in your processes that result in claims delays that keep you mired in fixing problems instead of focusing on special projects that drive revenue.

  • 90%-99% EFT adoption rate among providers
  • Up to $2 million in savings for our largest customers
  • 40,000 providers log on to our network daily
  • 500,000 providers receive electronic payments monthly
  • Highest rated customer support in healthcare payments

Premium Payments

Payspan’s Premium Payments solution was designed to make the most important aspect of the customer experience with your organization – the payments experience – a positive one. This way, you don’t have to worry about increasing customer acquisition costs due to members leaving because of negative payment experiences.

  • Multilingual online and phone options to engage your diverse members
  • Flexible digital payment options to give your members what they have come to expect with a purchasing experience
  • Mobile-optimized solution that enables your members to pay their premium at any time from any device

Quality Incentive Communications System

Payspan designed the Quality Incentive Communications System (QICS) to address one of your most obstinate challenges – how to get your providers to engage in value-based care reimbursement so your organization can boost star ratings and drive revenue. QICS resolves major barriers for providers by making it easy for them to participate.

  • Providers have instant access to multiple health plans
  • Quality notifications of care cap alerts are shared in stream of electronic payments on demand
  • Health plans and providers exchange medical records and quality communications via attachments
  • Incentive reports magnify the value of financial incentives to the bottom line

Electronic Explanation of Benefits (eEOB)

Payspan’s Electronic Explanation of Benefits™ (eEOB) is a convenient, electronically delivered version of the traditional explanation of benefits that leverages the Core Payspan Network. eEOB enables rapid payer delivery of members’ explanation of benefits that can be implemented through a secure, standard portal.

  • Allow members to go paperless and receive electronic EOB
  • Give members access to view EOB from any secure device
  • Search and retrieve EOBs from a 24-month EOB history
  • Reduce or Eliminate printing and postage costs

True Partnership with Kern Health Systems

“We have been extremely pleased with the payment automation services delivered by Payspan. By outsourcing our healthcare payments, we were able to reduce staffing and realize economies of scale in our mailroom. We appreciate the true partnership relationship we have developed with Payspan over the years.”

Alan Avery, COO, Kern Health Systems

Since Kern Health Systems decided to outsource their provider payments to Payspan, they have been very happy with Payspan’s provider payment services. When Kern and Payspan came together in 2015, Payspan was able to offer some unique features that reduced Kern’s workload and administrative costs while facilitating provider adoption of electronic payments.

Learn how Payspan went above and beyond to help Kern Health Systems engage members.

Kern Health Systems