Winning Strategies – The 2022 Health Plan & Payer Checklist

In today’s world the need for innovation has augmented hyperbolically for every business and industry globally.


Within the last couple of years, digital adoption rose an astounding 155% among people born between 1945-65. This is indeed a remarkable number and is worth mentioning because the later generations have had more exposure to technology and its applications, than baby boomers did. This is once again, a number worth remembering, and considering, for professionals and companies within the healthcare payment spectrum. Let’s try to understand why:

  • People born within the year range mentioned above, constitute a large and a very significant portion of health insurance client base.
  • Healthcare members generally feel positive, and more confident when they have the ability to manage their care digitally.
  • It has also been noted that members who are made to feel more engaged, are generally healthier than the rest.
  • The financial burden of healthcare is now at an all time high, and most, if not all patients across the US, are currently managing payments for their treatments, medications, and general care. The patients of today therefore, expect more in terms of quality of care delivered, communications with health plans, efficiency of the payment systems, and more options in managing healthcare digitally.

All eyes are now on healthcare payers and plans.

Brand platform

Today’s patients not only need, but deserve a better channel of communication, clarity in terms of payment management, and systems that facilitate swift, efficient, and comprehensive EOBs whenever, wherever needed.

Here’s how payers can satisfy the needs of their members, and engage them on a higher, better level than ever before:

Digital strategies that guarantee better member engagement:

  • Healthcare costs are neither a taboo, nor a secret – and therefore shouldn’t be treated as such. Members should ideally be given the exact, or closed estimate of the cost that they will be expected to shoulder a portion of before their treatment.
  • Health plan assistance should not feel like an endless series of jumping through loops. Members should be provided with the answers they seek promptly, and clearly.
  • ‘Simplified and summarized’ should be the mantra behind putting together an EOB for patients.
  • Adopt or develop better tools, applications or platforms for communicating with members.
  • Facilitate active engagement with all provider partners to ensure availability of alternative financial options, treatment costs, and payment plan breakdowns for patients.
  • Help facilitate the use of funding accounts to pay healthcare providers directly.

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