Increase Patient Engagement and Satisfaction with eEoB Statements

According to the United States Census Bureau, in 2019, 92% of Americans had some form of health insurance. This means that most Americans have likely received an explanation of benefits statement (EOB) from the payer (insurance company) that details the medical treatment given, the amount to be billed, and the payment made on the claim. As the need for transparency in the patient-centric world increases, so does the need for technology to avail these services.

Increase Patient Engagement and Satisfaction with eEOB StatementsMany top payers are going paperless, leveraging electronic explanation of benefits (eEOB) statements to provide their members faster, more convenient access to their EOBs in addition to a decrease in internal labor and resources to print, fold, stuff, and mail hard copy EOBs.

This article will delve deep into the benefits of eEOBs for payers and how access to eEobs fosters member/patient satisfaction.




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What Is an Electronic Explanation of Benefits (eEOB)

eEOB stands for electronic explanation of benefits. It's very similar to a traditional, hard copy EOB documenting for a member the payer’s explanation of the medical treatment provided, the amount to be billed, and the payment they will make on the claim. 

 Just like a typical EOB, the electronic version also outlines:

  • How much the medical facility is charging, and what each charge is for
  • What's covered by the insurance plan
  • The bill amount and the amount covered by insurance
  • The amount not covered by insurance (the patient's responsibility)

An electronic explanation of benefits (eEOB) contains the same information as a paper-based EOB but is generated electronically to be viewed on a computer or mobile device by the member/patient. eEOBs are usually available securely online to members through the insurance provider's portal.

The Cons of Paper Explanation of Benefits (EOB) Statements

As the world becomes more digitized and the ability to have information easily accessible on personal electronic devices, the days of paper EOBs are coming to an end. They served their purpose prior to the information age. The downside of paper statements for payers can be:

  • Delayed communication between the payer and the member
  • Cost for staff to prepare the statements to mail and the postage
  • Statements can get lost in the mail
  • The member could mistakenly throw out the statement
  • Additional cost to mail out replacement statements

Most of these problems also lead to frustration for the member. It can be an issue if they need to review the statement, but for whatever reason, they are away from the house where the paper statement is filed away. If they have a question about their statement, it is necessary to make a phone call to the customer support team. Call wait times can seem like lightyears to the person waiting to be helped.

The Benefits of Electronic Explanation of Benefit (eEOB)

In today’s digital environment, consumers are accustomed to convenient and fast customer experiences. When it comes to healthcare, members have similar expectations: speed, efficiency, and convenience. They expect their insurance company (payers) to respond with strategies that improve patient satisfaction and ensure the experience with their healthcare provider is superior. Transitioning to eEOBs helps meet member expectations through:

  1. Increased Patient Engagement: The adoption of eEOB solutions helps increase patient engagement with quick and convenient electronic communications. Unlike paper-based systems where members have to wait for the EOBs to be delivered, digital statements allow members to access their medical records quickly and securely anytime from any device. 
  2. Convenience and Fast Delivery: A key differentiator between paper and electronic statements is the speed of delivery. A statement from a member's insurer describing what costs it will cover for medical care the patient receives happens faster than postal delivery, enhancing each member’s experience. It could take up to 7 days for regular EOBs to arrive. In contrast, accessing an eEOB online should take just a few minutes.
  3. A Path to Digitization: Going paperless is a matter of choice. As organizations strive to fulfill the promise of a paperless office, insurance providers can easily achieve this goal by adopting eEOBs. These digital tools benefit insurers through decreased printing and mailing costs, reduced calls to their offices, and improved member satisfaction. As savvy consumers know, the electronic process improves the efficiency of organizational funds. 

eEOB Solution Benefits for Your Organization and Your Members

When looking for an eEOB solution, the goal is to create a win-win for both your organization and your members. 

Payer Benefits - Electronic EOBs enable you to deliver statements to members in a digital format that presents benefit information from health plans to members in a clear, simple, visually appealing format. The solution provides a seamless document delivery experience to their members through an integrated SaaS model and provides the tools to self-support their member population. The eEOB solution helps:

  • Reduce EOB delivery costs by eliminating printing and postage
  • Seamless integration between the payer system and Payspan
  • Amplify Payer Go Paperless initiative

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Member Benefits - With Payspan's eEOB member-friendly functionality, our eEOB solution helps increase patient engagement with the ease of electronic communications designed to expand payer-to-member interactions and support the member journey. Payspan's eEOB solution enables members to:

  • Choose to go paperless and receive an electronic EOB
  • Access and view EOBs from any secure device
  • Search and retrieve EOBs from a 24-month EOB history

At Payspan, we have a solution to implement eEOBs for payers to accomplish increased patient engagement and satisfaction that includes for members a Payer-branded user interface and a payer CSR support interface for call center employees. We understand the ever-evolving healthcare market and take a progressive and proactive approach to create solutions that help retain and engage members and patients. Download this free Whitepaper via the button below to discover how we help payers provide members online access to their explanation of benefits, drive digital communications, and improve member experience.