Express Urgent Care

Express Urgent Care is an award-winning physician owned walk- in clinic in Blaine, MN that specializes in high-quality, timely, and cost-effective medical treatment. A convenient alternative to the emergency room, Express Urgent Care is equipped with the best in modern technologies and equipment to effectively diagnose and treat patients with a variety of injuries and illnesses.

The challenges:

The inability to collect patient responsibility dollars was causing financial complications for Express Urgent Care. A large number of statements were being sent out to patients, too many unpaid bills were being sent to collections, and they were writing off too much revenue as bad debt. They needed a solution to stay financially viable as a small business.

The solution:

In April of 2010, Express Urgent Care implemented Payspan’s Patient Financial Engagement (PFE) solution and saw an immediate improvement in their office workflow and an increase in patient payment collections.

Payspan’s Patient Financial Engagement solution promotes a financial dialogue between patient and provider, increasing practice revenue by ensuring collection of patient responsibility dollars at the point of service. By communicating clearly the amounts owed for services provided and offering multiple payment options, collecting payment becomes a part of the standard patient encounter.

“I think a lot of people understand why we are asking for payment authorization upfront and they appreciate the convenience.”

Debbie Lodato, Administrative Staff, Express Urgent Care


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“Implementing the Payspan’s PFE program has
allowed us to focus more on providing top-notch care. By alleviating the financial burdens of sending state- ments and sending revenue to collections, we are able to deliver better care and make our providers available to patients 365 days a year from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.”

Brigid Hartmann, Office Manager, Express Urgent Care




PFE Decreased patient pay accounts receivable by close to 80%




PFE Decreased the amount of patient responsibility dollars sent to collections by roughly 70% per month.




PFE DECREASED the number of statements mailed from 300 a week to 50-70 a week. A decrease of over 80 percent per month.