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Our network is currently over 600 health plans, 1.3 million provider payees, and 100+ million consumers strong - And rapidly expanding, as we become part of Zelis.

Solutions that empower healthcare reimbursement



Leverage the largest electronic healthcare network to go paperless with your providers; deliver bi-directional value-based care communications and member engagement.



Significantly increase collections for patient responsibility payments, and boost practice revenue while providing a more satisfying payments experience for your patients.



Improve engagement with your member-patients and collect revenue more quickly and consistently by offering flexible, multi-lingual phone and online payment options.

Texas Medicaid Plan Achieves 97% Adoption Rates

“Payspan’s best practices helped us get to 97% of payments issued electronically to providers. I view that as a successful partnership. Payspan works very hard to get adoption rates up. We are able to process payments twice a week, and the providers have the payments the next day. I have colleagues at other health plans with some of the same providers, who ask them why they are not using Payspan.”

Doris Hunt, Executive Director of Children’s Medical Center Health Plan and Senior Vice President of CHST Insurance Service

When CMCHP selected Payspan to implement their electronic payment services for providers, the health plan was new and needed help developing a payment system from scratch. Additionally, with a goal of being able to pay providers twice a week, the plan was eager to drive high electronic payment adoption rates.

Learn how Payspan helped CMCHP drive provider adoption of electronic payments.

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